When expertise
becomes art

The love of metal and the extensive knowledge of noble metals are what drive the ongoing collaboration with young artists and contemporary designers. All this has allowed us to showcase the colours, composition and details in our creations, using copper with its infinite oxidations and patinas, combined with steel, brass and aluminium which, in expert hands, can also become a noble metal.


Copper was one of the first metals used by man and is one of our oldest production materials with unique properties and characteristics. The 20th century saw a transformation of the historical role of copper and its alloys from a durable roofing material to a flexible architectural skin on any surface, including walls. The malleability of copper sheet means it can be used as a coating for architectural elements or objects of any shape with minimal constraints. The surfaces can be flat, curved or faceted, hammered or smooth and used on any inclination, in any environment.

An unparalleled
creative freedom

We explore new ways to showcase metal as part of the dynamics of craftsmanship and contemporary architecture when they are blended together.

We create new creative opportunities by redefining copper, brass, steel and aluminium for contemporary design, with a wide range of finishes and surfaces, as a source of inspiration for architects and designers and the starting point for a creative partnership.

  Strength and properties

Our products are mostly obtained by working copper and its alloys.
This pure, natural material has a unique range of features and benefits in its use, including:

1. Exceptional and indefinite durability demonstrated over hundreds of years
2. High malleability at any temperature and no fragility at low temperatures (with the exception of the alloys)
3. Non-toxic and safe to work
4. Anti-bacterial

maintenance adn restoration

By taking advantage of the extraordinary features of the metal, antique articles ranging from vases and umbrella-stands to cabinets and panels in copper or brass, can be renewed and restored.
The signs of ageing and wear are, in fact, eliminated, restoring the object to its original beauty and cleanliness. Thanks to the protective treatment against corrosion in indoor environments, every object retains its colour without the need for maintenance.